Are you ready to make the jump and go completely mobile when gathering your news stories?

Each new iteration of smartphones delivers higher quality imaging, but unfortunately the audio is always lagging behind. Most microphones that improve audio on smartphones are either fixed or tethered to a device.

Fortunately, Samson offers a variety of wireless solutions that allow you to easily capture professional quality audio directly to your smartphone. For this article, we will discuss the Go Mic Mobile and XPD Series digital wireless systems. 

GMM Handheld 2000px

Putting It All Together

Samson Go Mic Mobile allows journalists to be completely wireless, and to have a professional 2-channel audio capture device that’s more portable than just about any other piece of gear in your setup. Whether you want to capture audio directly to your smartphone, camera or to a separate field recording device, Go Mic Mobile is set to revolutionize your workflow and save hours of production time and money.

Samson XPD Series allows the freedom from cables while capturing professional quality audio via its uniquely designed USB stick receiver. And the simple integration of XPD Series systems will quickly make you the “one person news team” for digital communication and social media content.

The Tools for Getting Started

While most smartphones can capture video and audio, the Apple iPhone seamlessly integrates the audio and video together with the included Camera app. Each Android phone specifications differs. In order to connect any Samson’s XPD Series wireless systems, your phone will need to accept digital audio inputs.

Samson Go Mic Mobile 
Go Mic Mobile offers two unique microphone transmitter configurations: Q8 dynamic handheld and LM8 omnidirectional lavalier with beltpack. Each system can pair and operate up to two transmitters simultaneously with its receiver. If you’re recording two interview subjects, the signals can be mixed together or recorded separately for additional post-production editing.

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How to Connect 
For iPhone, the receiver attaches directly to smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and tripods using the included mounting accessories. From there, just plug Go Mic Mobile into your iOS device via the included Lightning cable, Android devices via USB Micro B or USB-C cables (both included) and start recording.

Samson XPD Series USB Digital Wireless System
Within the XPD Series, the XPD2 Handheld System is perfect for interviews or for situations where a directional microphone is needed, while the XPD2 Lavelier System is the answer for hands free broadcasters.

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How to Connect 
For iPhone, you’ll need an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. For Android phones, you’ll need a Host OTG Adapter. Simply connect the XPD wireless receiver to the adapter, and then to your smartphone.

In order to film yourself, you’ll want to acquire a tripod to mount the phone at face height.

XPD2 Tripod Interview 1000px

To mount your phone to the tripod, we recommend checking out cases from iOgrapher.

Upgrading Your Video Capture App

While you can use the stock video app with your phone, there are more advanced options such as FilmIc Pro, which allows you to set the resolution of your video (up to 4K) and audio tracks to optimize the file size to your outlet’s needs.

LumaFusion is a popular application that provides video editing and effects tools that make post-production on your iPhone or iPad extremely easy, eliminating the need to transfer the files to a computer. 

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