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By Malcolm Doak

Step across the street from Anaheim’s famous Disneyland Resort and you’ll find yourself in a different kind of Adventureland – The NAMM Show. Every year, the musical instrument, sound reinforcement and pro audio worlds gather to display their newest wares to the industry’s buyers, retailers and distributors. For music aficionados and gear-heads alike, there’s nothing like NAMM. It’s a chance to see the latest and greatest equipment being demo’ed by the most knowledgeable product specialists, and being played by the exceptional artists who bring these instruments to life.

This year, Samson was stationed in the high-tech hang known as the ACC North, the most recent addition to the colossal Anaheim Convention Center. Day after day, countless attendees streamed into the booth to catch up on recent innovations, to experience the new product being debuted, and for those invigorating in-booth artist appearances. 5-time Grammy Award-winning bassist Victor Wooten stopped by to check out the action, as did members of Machine Gun Kelly, Dead Poet Society, Billy Sheehan and many other artists.

namm 2018 samson
From the latest on-the-go Samson Expedition portable PA systems all the way up to the amazing ATX Micro Wireless microphone configurations, Samson delivered in their defining message of providing the ultimate in power and performance in a highly portable package, while delivering an extraordinary amount of bang for the buck.

The Stage 212 answers the need for a simple dual-channel VHF wireless system. Now two performers can enjoy the freedom of wireless microphones using a single hardware receiver. Each microphone operates independently for up to 12 hours, using the renowned Samson Q6 capsule element for clarity and fidelity. Infra-Red (IR) Sync instantly locks the mic to one of the 12 available receiving channels. The Stage 212 system delivers excellent performance with a 200’ operating range. The receiver provides individual 1/4″ outputs, plus a combined balanced XLR output that uses the front-panel controls for the perfect mix.


With the AirLine ATX Series, Samson has created the world’s smallest clip-on wireless transmitter, achieving new levels of discreet, unencumbered performance. The transmitter itself offers accessible Gain and Mute controls, as well as a Battery Life LED indicator. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is completely self-contained and provides up to eight hours of use on a single charge. The CR99 receiver provides 80 selectable channels and reliable IR Sync, plus a True RF diversity system to minimize dropouts. Tone key technology prevents unwanted noise when the transmitter is off or out of range. There are four ATX Series system/microphone configurations: AWX Wind Instrument, AHX Fitness Headset, ALX Lavalier and AHX Headset.

NAMM 2018 saw two introductions to the popular Expedition Portable PA family. Born to travel, the Expedition Series offer a unified design and easy-to-use controls. All cables and connections are included, and can be stored within. The simplicity of setting up an Expedition system can save time – and money.

First up is the Expedition XP300. This 300-watt system is highlighted by a 6-channel mixer, onboard effects, and a simple-to-use design. In addition to phantom-powered mic inputs, the XP300 is equipped with a USB Wireless port to accommodate a Samson XPD USB Digital Wireless Microphone System – plus Bluetooth® streaming. Each enclosure is home to a 6″ woofer matched to a 1″ high-frequency driver. The cabinets can stand horizontally or lie vertically as monitors, and each is equipped with a pole-mount receiver. Best of all, the XP300 stores and travels as a single unit weighing less than 30 pounds.

The Expedition XP108w brings new levels of portability and performance. For portability, the XP108w features an all-in-one design, casters, pole-mount receptacle, and a telescoping handle. Inside, a built-in battery provides 20 hours of continuous operation. For performance, this system provides a 4-channel mixer and 200 watts of power. Best of all, a self-storing wireless microphone is part of the package. Bluetooth streaming and a USB Wireless port allow additional wireless sources to be connected quickly and easily. The single enclosure houses the entire system and offers a full-fidelity 2-way, 8″ speaker system.

Joining the MediaOne lineup is the M50 monitors. These self-powered desktop monitors were created for today’s multimedia user. Each cabinet is home to a 5.25″ polypropylene woofer and a 3/4″ silk-dome tweeter, and each channel provides 40 watts of power. Use the Bass Boost for enhanced low-end, or connect a powered subwoofer to the Sub out. The headphone jack allows private monitoring without switching cables.

While the newest product introductions definitely took center stage, many visitors were there to catch their first glimpse of Samson products introduced in 2017. The Go Mic Mobile was designed to provide a professional wireless microphone connection to smartphones and tablets, allowing independent journalists and content creators to enjoy superior audio performance instantly. For those seeking a high-output handheld dynamic microphone with extraordinary clarity, rugged construction and a perfect price, the Samson Q8x delivers. Ideal for podcasters or project studios, the dual-capsule G-Track Pro is a professional-grade USB mic offering mono/2-track recording and three selectable pickup patterns. The all-in-one design houses a built-in audio interface and mixer, sending the microphone signal – plus an additional instrument or sound source – straight to the computer over a single USB cable. These in-demand Samson products continue to attract new fans every day.

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