Escape+_Express+Appearing for the first time at CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas are the Samson Expedition Escape+ and Express+ Rechargeable Speaker Systems with Bluetooth. These speakers are ideal for any setting, from intimate gatherings to larger recreational events. Capable of delivering rich sound for up to 20 hours, users can stream Bluetooth audio wirelessly from any mobile device or connect a microphone, instrument or Samson XPD Series wireless system to the onboard mixer, making them truly versatile entertainment systems.

Packed with Power
Both the Escape+ and Express+ deliver enough power to entertain groups of all sizes with clear, full-range audio. The Escape+ features a 50-watt Class D amplifier that will liven up a house party, while the Express+ features a 75-watt Class D amplifier that delivers enough sound for the company picnic. In both systems, a 6” woofer supports plenty of bass, while a 1” tweeter provides the shimmering highs that are essential for faithfully reproducing vocals and instruments.

Beyond Music
In addition to delivering great sound, the Escape+ and Express+ feature a variety of features that extend its functionality. The Escape+ has a 2-channel mixer with microphone and Aux inputs. The Express+ features a 3-channel mixer with 2-band EQ that offers multiple input options, each with dedicated volume controls. The Express+ also comes with a wired handheld microphone and cable to add your voice to the mix.The mixers on both systems also have a USB wireless port to integrate a Samson XPD Series USB Digital Wireless System (sold separately) to enjoy the benefits of a wireless microphone in any vocal or speech application. Additionally, both systems sport a Bluetooth channel to wirelessly stream music from a mobile device.

Portability and Placement
Each system includes a 20-hour internal rechargeable battery and a rugged polypropylene enclosure with a steel grille, enabling them to endure the longest of parties and the roughest roads. The speakers’ impressive power-to-weight ratio and integrated top carry handle guarantee easy transportation to any event. Both feature a 1 3/8″ speaker mount for use with any standard speaker stand. They can also be positioned upright or tilted back on their sides.

For additional information, please visit product pages for the Samson Expedition Escape+ and Express+.

The Samson Expedition Escape+ ($99.99) and Expedition Express+ ($199.99) will be available for sale at major consumer electronics and music instrument retailers in Spring 2019.

With more than four decades of success, the international CES trade show reaches across global markets to connect the consumer electronics industry and enable it to grow and thrive. Alongside some of the top CE players, Samson (LVCC, South Hall 1 – 20439) will showcase new products at CES 2019 from January 8-11. For more information, visit

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