Samson, an industry pioneer in professional audio products, today announced their status as the “Official Microphone Sponsor” of Nets Gaming Crew (NetsGC), the Brooklyn Nets NBA 2K League affiliate and one of the four expansion teams to join for the League’s second season. As part of its sponsorship, Samson will outfit the NetsGC studio with several units of the G-Track Pro, the ideal microphone for game streamers and esports athletes.

Samson’s sponsorship of NetsGC comes at the perfect time – the second season of the NBA 2K League officially started at the TIPOFF event on April 2nd, and NetsGC will be competing in weekly match-ups and tournaments that lead to the NBA 2K League Playoffs and NBA 2K League Finals in August. With Samson’s G-Track Pro, the team will be able to stream broadcast quality audio to spectators.

All 21 teams in the league will compete in a minimum of 16 games, including regular season games and three additional tournaments. Throughout the season, NetsGC and the other teams will be competing for $1.2 million prize money across the three tournaments and playoffs.

Brooklyn NetsGC 2k gamers
Brooklyn NetsGC 2k gamers Shuttles, Lavish, Shockey, Wavy, Natekahl and iiTzChas pose for portraits at the HSS Training Center in Brooklyn, New York. Photo by Steven Freeman/BSE Global.

“We are excited about our partnership with NetsGC as they start what is sure to be a thrilling and dynamic season,” said Sean Meagher, Director of Marketing for Samson. “We are committed to facilitating the growth and development of the esports and the streaming community and this partnership is an incredible opportunity to support our local team and a great organization.”

“It is a priority of ours to ensure that the NetsGC training center is supplied with the best audio and streaming equipment possible so that our community can connect and feel like they are in Brooklyn with us,” said Josh Pruss, SVP of Global Partnerships for BSE Global. “Partnering with Samson helps us deliver on that need by providing our training center with the ideal microphone designed with esports in mind.”

Samson will outfit the NetsGC studio with several units of the G-Track Pro Professional USB Microphone

About the G-Track Pro
The Samson G-Track Pro is a multi-pattern USB condenser microphone, audio interface and mixer all-in-one. The G-Track Pro delivers up to 24-bit studio-quality sound with zero-latency monitoring, providing clarity and performance that streamers need when broadcasting on platforms like Twitch. Its sturdy build means that it will endure even the most active streamers’ schedule for a long time. The G-Track Pro is available at major retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy and B&H.

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