We all are having to make major adjustments to how and where we are working. But while the idea of teaching from the comfort of home sounds fantastic, without the opportunity to plan for this change can make working remotely challenging. But with the right audio tools from Samson, you can be prepared to deliver your lessons loud and clear while ensuring your students are staying engaged. We put together a group of audio gear that will help you build a professional workstation anywhere in your house.

Samson Go Mic

Go Mic is a portable USB microphone that clips right on to your laptop and will instantly improve the quality of your streaming audio. Whether you have a dedicated workspace or working on the couch, Go Mic ensures your words create the impact you’re looking for. 

Go Mic features plug and play operation, which means it’s completely compatible with a Mac or Windows, with no drivers required. 

It also includes a headphone output for zero-latency direct monitoring. This means there will be no delay between the audio you’re recording and the audio you’re hearing.

Samson G-Track Pro

G-Track Pro is a desktop broadcast microphone that will give your lessons and presentations professional studio quality sound. The microphone features a 1/4″ audio input that will allow you to easily add a secondary audio source to augment your online class. 

The front panel mixer, provides quick access to all the settings without needing to dig into software menus. And a 1/8″ headphone jack gives teachers the ability to monitor their audio level at any time.

G-Track Pro is a great solution for music teachers. The microphone captures all the nuance of instrument performances so your students can clearly hear your instruction. For electric instruments, simply connect directly to the 1/4″ instrument jack.

Samson XPD2 Digital Wireless

XPD2 wireless systems allow you to be completely handsfree and mobile while you are teaching or recording a lesson. The USB stick receiver connects directly to your computer, offering simple setup, professional full-range audio and 100′ of wireless operation. Available in lavalier (clip-on lapel microphone), headset and handheld configurations. 

Samson Q2U

Q2U dynamic USB/XLR microphone is a great solution for anything from recording lesson plans to hosting department meetings. The dynamic capsule rejects background noise, ensuring nothing distracts the listeners from your message. An 1/8″ headphone output allows teachers to monitor their audio, as well as the audio from your computer.

Q2U comes complete with everything you need to start recording, including a foam windscreen, mic clip, desktop tripod stand, tripod stand extension, USB cable and XLR cable.

Samson Satellite

Satellite is a broadcast-quality USB/iOS microphone designed for capturing high-definition audio on your computer, iPhone or iPad, allowing you to capture content anywhere with your mobile device and upload instantly to Google Classroom. Satellite offers plug-and-play operation, three selectable pickups patterns and a fold-back leg design in a highly-portable package.

Samson Z55

Z55 headphones were designed for the studio but are perfect for staying in touch with all of your students. The Z55 headphones are equipped with an inline microphone, allowing your instruction to be heard clearly. The closed-back design provides effective sound isolation by limiting unwanted background noise. Premium ear pads and adjustable cushioned headband provide the ultimate in comfort for all day teaching sessions.

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