Zoom teleconferencing allows us to work and learn together when meeting in person isn’t possible. As schools and offices are making the switch to this popular video sharing platform, many are realizing their built-in computer microphones just aren’t cutting it. 

Samson USB microphones provide an easy and dramatic audio upgrade so you can be heard loud and clear for more productive conference calls or lessons.

This guide provides details on how easy it is to get your Samson USB mic up and running with Zoom. We are going to use a Go Mic for these examples, but these steps will work with any Samson USB microphone.

Go Mic Zoom

If you are using the Zoom Conferencing App.

1. Connect the Samson Go Mic to the computer using the included USB Cable.

2.  Open the Zoom Conferencing app.

3.  Click on the Settings icon in the right corner.


4.  Click on Audio.


5.  Make sure that the Speaker and Microphone are set to the Samson Go Mic and uncheck Automatically adjust microphone volume to get the best audio quality.


6.  Click on the Advanced button in the lower right corner.


7.  For the best audio quality, disable Suppress Persistent Background Noise and Suppress Intermittent Background Noise.


8. Hit the Back button, plug in some headphones and test that all connections are correct by using the Test Speaker and Test Mic functions.

9. You should be all connected and ready to be heard at your next meeting.

If you are using Zoom Conferencing within your web browser

1. Enter your meeting.

2. Click Join Audio by Computer.


3. Allow zoom.us to use your microphone by selecting Allow.

4. Go to the bottom left hand corner and hit the Up arrow next to mute and select the Samson Go Mic.

Image 1

5. You should be all connected and ready to be heard at your next meeting.


In addition to the Go Mic, other popular Samson USB microphones that work easily with Zoom and other teleconferencing applications include the Q2U, Meteor MicSatellite and G-Track Pro. Samson also offers a full line of headphones to meet your individual listening needs. 

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