The FCC has auctioned off a portion of the 600MHz band (614–698MHz) that many wireless microphone manufacturers, including Samson, have used in their products. The 600MHz spectrum has been repurposed for new wireless broadband services, and starting July 12, 2020 the repurposed spectrum will no be available for wireless microphone use that operate in that frequency range1.

What does this mean to you?

On July 13, 2020, after the transition is complete, all wireless systems that operate in the 600MHz band (including Samson “N Channel” or “C Band”) will be illegal to use. Between now and then,  you should transition your 600MHz wireless systems to other wireless systems that are not in this spectrum. Samson Technologies currently offers a variety of wireless systems that operate outside of the 600MHz spectrum.

If you purchased a Samson wireless system that operates in the 600MHz spectrum after July 1, 2018, please contact Samson Technologies directly via email at to have your system replaced at no charge.

If you have a wireless system that operates in the above stated Channels or Bands (614–698MHz Frequency) that was purchased before July 1, 2018, or any wireless system from any manufacturer operating in the 614–698MHz frequency range, Samson has a plan in place to offer rebates to customers that purchase new Samson systems to replace wireless systems they own in the 600MHz band.


Visit the FCC to learn more about the 600MHz transition.

What to do

Please follow these steps to redeem your rebate:

Step 1. Determine if you have a 600MHz wireless system?

Step 2. Purchase a new qualifying Samson wireless system.

Step 3. Download, complete and sign the Rebate Request Form.

Step 4. Send to Samson, the Rebate Request Form, along with the original dated sales receipt for the newly-purchased qualifying Samson Wireless System, the original actual model number/UPC label from end of cartons and the trade-in 600MHz frequency band wireless system.

Step 5. Upon approval, you will receive a rebate check. Please allow 6–8 weeks for processing of your rebate.

Samson Rebate Offer

If you purchase a new Samson wireless system (refer to system list below) between May 1, 2017 and September 30, 2020 to replace your 600MHz wireless system you are eligible to receive a rebate from Samson according to the list below.

Samson Wireless System Rebate
AH1 (Headset Only) (K Frequency Headsets Only) $45 Rebate
AirLine 77 (AH1) Fitness System (K Frequency Systems Only) $75 Rebate
AirLine 77 (AH7) Systems (K Frequency Systems Only) $75 Rebate
AirLine Micro Earset System (K Frequency Systems Only) $75 Rebate
AirLine 88 and AirLine 88x Guitar Systems $60 Rebate
AirLine 88 and AirLine 88x Headset Systems $120 Rebate
AirLine 99 Systems $75 Rebate
AirLine ATX Series: AWX/ALX/AHX (Wind Inst., Lav., Earset, Headset) $75 Rebate
AirLine AWXm Systems $75 Rebate
Concert 88 and Concert 88x Systems (Handheld, Presentation, Guitar, Headset, Earset) $55 Rebate
Concert 88 Camera System (Handheld, Lavalier, Combo) $75 Rebate
Concert 288 and Concert 288m Systems (Handheld, Presentation, All-In-One) $100 Rebate
Concert 99 System (Handheld, Presentation, Guitar, Earset) $85 Rebate

How do I determine if I have a 600MHz System?

Samson 600MHz Systems

If your Samson fixed (single) frequency wireless system operates on Channels N1 through N6, then it qualifies for a rebate. Look at your transmitter or receiver for the channel numbers N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 or N6.

Samson “N Channel” Systems

Any of following Systems that operate on channels N1–N6:

  • AirLine 77
  • AirLine Guitar and Bass Pedals
  • AirLine Micro
  • AirLine Synth
  • Concert 77
  • Concert 277
  • UM1/77

If you own a Samson AirLine Synth system, it operates in 600Mhz and qualifies for the rebate.

If your Samson multi-frequency wireless system operates on in the “C Band” or has a sticker on the receiver rear panel that reads “FREQ:638-662 MHz”, then it qualifies for a rebate. 

Samson “C Band” Systems

Any of following Systems that operate in Samson’s C Band (FREQ:638-662 MHz):

  • Concert 88
  • Synth 7

Other Manufacturer's Systems

Please consult your wireless system’s manufacturer’s website or product documentation to determine its operating frequency. To learn about recommended replacement wireless products from Samson, call 800-3SAMSON or email at:



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