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USB / iOS Broadcast Microphone

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Take complete control of your recordings with the Samson Satellite Broadcast Microphone. With plug and play compatibility with Windows. Mac and iOS devices, the Satellite is perfect for content creators on the go and those working from home. The dual capsule design offers three selectable pickup patterns that allow you to get stellar audio quality when streaming on Twitch, podcasting, vlogging and more.

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Mission Broadcast

Mission: Broadcast

Broadcast-quality USB/iOS microphone for streaming and recording directly to your computer, iPhone or iPad.

iOS Compatible

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a powerful production studio by connecting the Satellite with the included Lightning cable.

Simple Start

Simply connect via USB (no drivers required) and start recording 24-bit/96kHz high resolution audio.

Preferred Placement

Position the microphone at nearly any angle with fold-back legs for optimal placement. 

Multi-Pattern Mic

Multi-Pattern Mic

Dual 16mm condenser mic capsules with 3-selectable pickup patterns provide flexibility for any recording application.

Satellite Exploded

Satellite has dual 16mm condenser capsules with ultra-thin diaphragms allowing  you to capture even the finest nuances of your voice with crystal-clear detail.

The polar pattern determines the directionality of pick up of the microphone. Selecting the most right pattern for your specific application can greatly improve the quality of your final productSatellite let’s you easily select between three different polar patterns.

Omnidirectional polar pattern


Picks up sound equally all around the microphone. 
Ideal For: Multi-Person Podcasts, Group Events

Cardioid Polar Pattern


Picks up sound directly in front of the microphone. 
Ideal For: One-Person Podcasts, Streaming, Voice-Overs, Vlogging

Figure-8 Polar Pattern

Bidirectional (Figure-8)

Picks up sound in the front and rear of the microphone, while rejecting sound from the side.
Ideal For: Two-Person Podcasts, Interviews

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Element Type Dual back electret condenser
Diaphragm Width/Thickness 16mm/3 microns
Polar Pattern Cardioid (Unidirectional), Bidirectional (Figure-8), Omnidirectional
Frequency Response 20Hz–20kHz
Max Sensitivity

-3dB FS @ 80dB SPL (at maximum gain)

Max. SPL 135dB at 200Hz
Bit Depth/Sample Rate 16 or 24-bit / Up to 96kHz
Digital Output USB
Headphone Output 1/8″ (3.5mm)
Headphone Output Impedance 32Ω
Headphone Power Output 38mW @ 32Ω
Dimensions 8.6” x 1.7” diameter
(218mm x 45mm diameter)
Weight 0.75lb (0.34kg)